Instrument Works’ BlueBox-pH allow users to calibrate probes, take measurements and record data. For R&D and educational laboratory managers, our instrument management system allows you to monitor probes remotely.

Key Features:

  • Wireless operation
  • Time and geotagged data
  • Cloud data storage
  • Easy one-touch calibration procedures
  • Remote monitoring for lab managers
  • Data logging setup for experiments
  • Probe ‘health’ monitoring


For pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical, petrochemical and food processing production facilities, the BlueBox-pH represents the ideal portable pH measurement and data logging system, ensuring simple and reliable data collection

Key features:

  • Wireless, battery operated probes
  • Detailed calibration and usage history for probes
  • Time & location stamped data
  • Integrated cloud syncing of data
  • monitoring capabilities


From standard water testing as required by regulatory authorities through to environmental research & pollution control, the BlueBox-pH represents the most portable and powerful measurement system available.

Key features:

  • Pocket portable and wireless operation
  • Location monitoring ensures accurate sampling locations
  • Integrated cloud syncing immediately shares data with office
  • Simple, reliable calibration procedures
  • Remote monitoring capable

Water Quality Researcher – UNSW Australia

“The wirelessly connected bluebox-pH probe and the dataworks app has helped streamline my workflow in the lab, increasing my productivity and decreasing my error rate”