DataWorks App

The free DataWorks App allows you to connect to the range of Instrument Works and third party Bluetooth-enabled probes for the collection of a range of measured parameters. For water testing this includes pH and temperature. The app provides a unified user experience across all probes that will automatically detect which type of probe is connected and adapt the user interface to suit that parameter. The app is ‘Good Laboratory Practice’-compliant and stores a complete history of calibration information for every probe connected to the device, as well as time and date stamping and geo-tagging of all collected data.


Dynamic User Interface

In addition to adapting the user interface for reading and calibration by detecting which probe is connected, the interface adapts to the orientation of the device to provide a real-time graph of the measurements when in landscape mode.


Cloud Enabled

By registering for the Instrument Cloud, all your collected data and calibration information will be automatically transmitted to the cloud. You’ll never have to export your data from your device manually again. Go out into the field to collect data and allow others to access it from the office in real-time.


Location Aware

When you collect datapoints the app will automatically geotag the data. If you give the location a name the next time you are in that location it will automatically be detected and let you know. If you are in the field collecting data you’ll always know when you are in the right place.


Simple Calibration

One-touch calibration procedures for all probes.  Simply press start and the app will take you step by step through the calibration procedure, without you having to touch the device again. We will keep track of your calibration data and let you know when your probe is getting near to its end of life.


Future Features

Our roadmap has a large number of new features being added to DataWorks in 2015-2016. Apart from enabling a number of our own and third party sensors we are going to build significant new functionality into the DataWorks app and also into HTML5-based cloud services that will enable our users to both control the measurement of their data and to manipulate their data in ways previously not thought of. In addition we welcome suggestions for new features from our users – please email us at